Monday, February 4, 2008

The Price of Empire

Yes, it’s been a while. In November we began the demolition of the last four rooms, the public rooms. The living room, dining room, kitchen and "library" were brought down by Mr. U and Mr. Blue, both of whom I believe came to this state from Wisconsin.

Mr. U takes down the living room.

Mr. Blue under the green beam.

Adios, ugly white painted paneling.

Auf Wiedersehen, nasty kitchen counter.

Arrivederci, white tile.

Bon voyage, bits o' plaster.

Hello, dead rat.

Santa Claus ain't comin' down this chimney no more.

Welcome, squatters and thieves!

Here, you'll just have to imagine the future loveliness of our living room.

We are down to the frame in half the house. We live in 2 rooms. Better than maybe 97% of the world; still … we feel crowded.

It’s been cold. In a Southern California kind of way it’s been cold. It’s been a damp, cold winter and there are huge gaps all over the house. The windows never did seal well and now there are holes where things used to be. And of course there’s no heat source. As K said “there’s no difference between here and outside. Just fewer ‘possums.”

But I’m glad to see it go. Especially in the kitchen. The hideous counter is gone, along with the filthy, horrid drawers and the nasty, crumbling little tiles. And the disgusting vinyl floor.

This is a picture of the kitchen under the reign of the former homeowners. I see now that I managed to make it look considerably worse over the past 5 years. It didn't help that the doors on the lower cabinets started to fall off. But my addition of the green paint certainly didn't help. It was just a test.

Through this process a dumpster was filled . . .

Who knows where all the detritus will go. Actually we do know. Into a landfill. Because we have to have new stuff. It keeps the economy running.

Presidential portrait of the day? - the man who gave us both the Immigration Reform and Control Act and the Iran-Contra affair.

I suppose soon we'll be serviced by Kurds at the Waffle House and Sunnis at Supercuts. That's cool. As long as we get what we paid for.

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