Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun with Framing (Happy President's Day weekend)

I’ve been sick for a week. Fine way to spend a 3-day weekend. I suspect the dirt and dust of remodeling has found its way into my sickly lungs. The dust is everywhere. We try to contain it but it’s a losing battle.

K has been working hard on the house. Even the hammering and drilling don’t keep me awake. I am blessed with an Olympic sized talent for sleep. He is blessed with an Olympic sized talent for hard work.

This weekend he’s been working on the framing. We passed the framing and electrical inspection last week and now it’s all about details.

A corner of what will be a bi-level ceiling in the library. The bi-level ceiling thing was an idea that K got from a friend. I still don't understand it. I guess we'll see how it works out.

The kitten is inspecting what will be a future closet. It had been one of the front doors. Well, the door was one of the front doors. What will be the closet was just space on the porch.

I guess this insulation is going to get stuffed into somewhere.

When I’m not sleeping, I’ve been making the best of this time by checking into appliances, reading Consumer Reports ratings. So far, I think I’m pretty sold on Bosch for both the dishwasher and the stove. What really made up my mind for Bosch for the dishwasher is that it was the only brand I’ve found that doesn’t have those stupid, smooth buttons that are covered by plastic. It has proper buttons that won’t split or break through in a few months. On the a/c unit in the office/guest room the buttons split exactly as I predicted it would. We hardly ever use that air conditioner since we don’t use the room all that much. I’m surprised manufacturers still use those buttons. Maybe I’m the only one who has a problem with them. But I'll never again buy an appliance with those plastic covered buttons.

I’m not sure how to select a stove. I’ve never had the choice before. I've always made do with stoves in my former apartments or the two that came with the house. Yes, two, as the house was a duplex when we bought it so it had two kitchens (like it had two front doors). I’m not a chef. I have no cooking related criteria by which to judge a stove or oven. I hear convection is better so I’ll go with that. But I won’t do much baking. Never have, never will. Unless you count frozen pizza. Really, I can only make a decision on the basis of appearance. I know I want stainless steel and hefty knobs. Hefty knobs count for a lot for me as do full surface grates. A warming drawer would be nice too. I guess the warming drawer is for people like me who can never time all their dishes to be ready at the same time.

In addition to framing speaker wire went in, too. That includes the doorbell wire. So we’ll be able to hear the pizza delivery guy even from the back of the house. No point in getting the nice Bosch stove dirty by cooking all over it.

Hey, it’s President’s Day weekend and I can’t think of anything to kvetch about.

In honor of my weeklong cold and probable respiratory infection, let’s have a portrait of William Henry Harrison, our 9th president and the one who served the shortest term. Only 31 days into his presidency he succumbed to a cold that turned to pneumonia.

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Fred said...

We looked at a bunch of dishwashers and eventually chose LG over the bosch. I concur with your assessment of those terrible plastic buttons. You have to wonder why manufacturers still build those. Our LG have "good" buttons that are also hidden on the top of the door rather than in the front (nice for keeping them out of reach of kids)... But, we already had the motor replaced once under warranty - so now I'm think that maybe we should have sprung for the bosch -- it wasn't that much more than the LG, and I've heard really good things about it.

Hopefully by the time you're reading this you're feeling better!


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