Sunday, November 25, 2007

Empire II - Comedy and Tragedy

I suppose Martians have as much right to sell pieces of the planet Earth as anyone else.

I’ve never understood real estate as a concept. Who owns what? Who can sell what? Pieces of the planet? Who first thought up selling pieces of the planet? Who was first foolish enough to pay for a piece of the planet? Does that make any more sense than buying a piece of Mars?

Would you buy a piece of Mars?

Many things may be viewed as a question of give and take. In the history of real estate, there is probably more take than give. This is Thanksgiving weekend. All we who still have our homes have much for which to be thankful. Still, ironic - how it all got started and where it ended.

Southern California is on fire again today. As of this moment, at least 46 homes have been lost.

We may take; we may buy; we never own.

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