Saturday, October 1, 2011


Woo hoo!  A Rejuvenation store has opened in Los Angeles!

No longer must my drooling over reproduction vintage lighting and fixtures be limited to a catalog.  Now I can slobber in an actual store.  Life is looking up.

I haven't had a chance to actually visit the store since its September 17th opening but I hope for the same well-detailed, thoughtfully-planned layout as the catalog's.

I can't wait to meet in person the delightfully designed (if unfortunately named) "Hood."

 Oh, Skyport!  How I long to breakfast with The Jetsons under your polished nickel reflections! 

(Skyport also comes in an "Old Brass" finish, though I'm not sure why.)

And you, saucy little Dorena!  You remind me again why Deco is my favorite of all design eras.

And yet, how ironic, now that Rejuvenation has arrived in the flesh, I am really not in need of lighting fixtures.  Although, Bruno here is an adorable little desk lamp -

And who among us couldn't use an adorable little desk lamp?

It's probably just as well all (most) of my lighting needs have been met.  Lamps from Rejuvenation are a little on the pricey side - but, they are made in the US.  See this previous post.

Maybe I can content myself with replacing all my plain pictures hooks with some scrollier ones -

At $5 per hook, and eight pictures hanging from picture rail in the guest bath alone, I might as well buy myself a lamp.  Oh well.  Since when does shopping mean I have to buy something?

Watch them hand-craft your fixture here -

Go ahead. Buy American. They're skilled craftsman.


brismod said...

Go on buy Bruno. Who wouldn't want a light called Bruno?
And I loved your buy American post the other day. It seems everything these days is made offshore here too.xx

Nicole Curcio said...

Hello from Rejuvenation! Thanks for the post. if you're looking for a good excuse to stop by, our Grand Opening Party is 10/13/11 at 6:00 pm. You can find details on our store page:

PS Hood is named after the Mount Hood, which is prominent on the Portland skyline (when it's not raining)

Nicole- on behalf of Rejuvenation

Why S? said...

Brismod, I might just bring Bruno home one of these days. I'll worry about where to put him later.

Hi Nicole! What an honor to have Rejuvenation visit us on Red Hill. I will def try to stop by the party. Life is a bit hectic these days but I'll do my best to squeeze in some time on Thursday.

Thanks for clueing me in on the name "Hood." It all makes sense now. Still, the word "hood" does have some unsavory connotations. I would never have made the mountain connection on my own. Glad you spoke up.