Friday, October 14, 2011

Rejuvenation! In the Flesh!

Remember back when I blogged about Rejuvenation Hardware coming to my own fair city? Well, tonight was the gala grand opening party and I was there to give you a report.

Let me tell you, I walked in and was so overcome with the need to visit every gorgeous little item, I could barely settle down to enjoy the dippables and savories on hand.  But they did have a very welcoming offering of beverages, of which I was happy to partake -

The first thing you see as you walk in the a lovely, metal Bear of California -


Hello, Brother Bruin!  

Then I moved on to the wall of hardware - 

and immediately zeroed in on the picture hooks -

This is the one I deemed most appropriate for my home.  I've got 29 hooks holding up art and a mirror in my house.  At $5 each, the replacement process will be slow.

After seeing these, K semi-regretted not going with push-button switches -


Ooh!  and check out these serving pieces!  

Those green glass bowls could almost drive me to baking! 
Nah, not really.  I just want to own them without 
actually using them. 

Ahh!  I love this deco sconce.  Not right for my 1909 house but gorgeous nonetheless -

I've often noticed in the catalog this quirky little Victorian bat lighting fixture -

Not for me but still charming. 

Here's K playing at the bulb bar -  

Pick a wattage - any wattage.

Outdoor lighting! In colors!

An remember Bruno from the previous post?  I finally found him.  He was discreetly placed -

I relocated the sweet little Bauer pitcher so she 
could share the picture with Bruno. 

I'm still  considering Bruno, but in reality, his shade is larger than it appeared in the catalog and now I'm really at a loss for where he'll fit.  But he's still a beauty.

As we were leaving, this caught our eyes -

It's a tower of little triangular drawers, 
each marked for a different size screw.  

Owning this would mean the end of hoarding all 
those little pot-bellied soup cans from Trader Joe's.  
I repeat, a different drawer for each size screw.  And it spins.  Spins!  I don't even use tools and I want this cabinet.

And if you read the comments to my last Rejuvenation post, you'll remember Nicole from Rejuvenation.  She was kind of enough to invite me to the gala (and to give me the source of the name for the light "Hood." Well she was there!  And we met!

Nicole was awfully gracious, as was her colleague, Jason.  Apparently, nice people work at Rejuvenation.

That was my evening.  Thanks, Rejuvenation!  I'll be back!


brismod said...

How wonderful that Nicole invited you to the opening! I'd have been in heaven. I love all things house related.
You know you could get a picture hook for every birthday, anniversary or you don't feel the big outlay for picture hooks..And Bruno. He looked liked he needed someone to love...xx

Nicole said...

It was so nice to meet you and your husband. Thanks so much for coming to the party and taking the time to introduce yourself.

Nicole- on behalf of Rejuvention

Jayne said...

Wow, I would never leave there. I'd have to look at everything--and touch it, too. I mean, what's the point in going to the actual Rejuvenation store if you don't touch everything?? I agree with brismod about the picture hooks. One or two at every gift-giving occasion and you'd have 29 in no time!

Beatnheart said...

Hello old friend,
thanks so much for your visit and supportive words.
It’s been tough on this side of town but things are getting better. I hope one day to get up and see this
shop although I am trying to clear out my fact I am selling at the Vets stadium on the 5th sunday show...if you’re around pop by.

Jason said...

I echo Nicole's sentiments. Truly a pleasure to meet someone as passionate as we are about hardware and lights. Thanks for attending!