Friday, January 15, 2010

The Gravity of Gravity or A Really Messy Kitchen

Last summer I wrote about my recent experience in Eureka, CA. A week ago, the area experienced a 6.5 earthquake. Our friends there wrote to say that while there was a lot of broken glass to clean up, they were all ok.

Of course, that wasn't the only earthquake in the news.

It all forced me to start thinking again about putting latches on our kitchen cabinets. After the Northridge quake in '94, we had a lot of glass to clean up and so we put latches on at that time. Personally, I hated them. They were a pain. Every time you wanted to open a cabinet you have to unlock the childproof latch. I was constantly grabbing a handle and thoughtlessly pulling a cabinet door open, only to be quickly stopped by the stupid latch.

But now I have a lot more glass to worry about. This is but one cabinet of two devoted to glass ware -

We plan a lot of entertaining in our future. No more plastic cups for us.

Anyway, with the way this particular type of cabinet is constructed, I don't know if those childproof latches are feasible. Maybe just a little magnet thingy will be enough.

I don't want to seem ridiculous writing about my potential floor full of broken glass when there are millions who are truly suffering right now after a horrific quake. Still, I do think about all that glass tumbling out one day. I think about possibly running through it in bare feet. I think about the cat, who will definitely be running in bare feet.

Speaking of tumbling out, when you have a spare 11 minutes, have a look at this video from an art installation in Dusseldorf -
To friend and loyal reader, GR, the exhibit is at the Kunsthalle until February 28th. Maybe you'd like to see it. Ich wundere mich, was Sie denken.

And thanks to other friend and loyal reader, TMA, for the video.


Your home, only better. said...

Wow - I never thought about that (no quakes here in New England that I'm aware of). Perhaps you should get shoes for your cat, just in case? Seriously though - try a stronger magnet - I bet that would work.

Why S? said...

I was thinking this morning that if the video teaches me nothing else, it's that I will really need more than a little magnet thingy. I really need as much magnet as I can get.

No chance of getting the cat to wear shoes. I have enough trouble wrestling with that little vixen.