Friday, June 26, 2009

Here There Be Monsters (Not)

You probably thought I’d fallen off the blogging map. Not exactly.

But I did get a bit out of my habits of blog writing and even my blog reading habit. See, I’ve been tidying up around the house. We’ve actually shown it to people! People being a few close friends. Then after we showed it, we've kind of been living in it. Yep, just living. What a concept. Wah! Wuh!!! How can it be? you say. Wasn’t your house a big, mess of drywall dust and ladders akimbo??? Well yes, it was. Now it’s just a big mess of being lived in. And Friday is our anniversary so it’s not getting tidied up this weekend.

I’ve got to catch up on a lot of blog reading.

Jenni’s been giving ThirteenEleven a break too. But then she broke her silence with exciting news about the source of
all that mid-century pink . Good find, Jenni.

I know that NV has been doing a lot of hard work over at her
D*mn House. I’ve been cheating, peeking at the pictures of the work on the kitchen cabinets. From what I’ve seen, they look pretty good. But I do need to catch up on the narrative. It’s always one d*mn thing or another over there and I really don’t want to miss any of it.

Jayne at
The Kelly House has been busy too, between working and herding cats.

I suppose I could take the Blue Line to Long Beach this weekend and stalk down
LB Tudor at the Long Beach House Restoration Fair.

And I know I owe ModerneMama at
The Beach House a list of 6 uninteresting things that make me happy. Happy? That’s a lot to ask for. Not really a trait I’m known for. But I’m going to do it. I promise. Just not this weekend. Maybe next.

In the meantime, as I write this I’m also catching up on a two week old episode of So You Think You Can Dance. I’ve got stuff to catch up on all over the map.


NV said...

Welcome back. And Happy Anniversary! And thanks for the plug. Glad to know you've been "cheating."

While I HAVE noticed your absence, I'm glad it's only because you've been LIVING in your house for a change. We all need to do that every once in a while. But if we did it ALL the time, what WOULD we blog about? :-)

TMA said...

Yes, I have noticed your somber absence and, although I know you have been wildly busy, your post have been greatly missed.

modernemama said...

And I thought you were happily thinking of six not very interesting things.....

Jayne said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog! I'm glad to know your absence was just because you've been enjoying life in The House on Red Hill. :)

Jennifer said...

Good for you for getting your house all tidy and organized! I need that. And Happy Anniversary! Ours was on Saturday.