Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Appetite for Destruction vs. The Curse of Conscience

I won’t name names but somebody in our house
has been scratching the covering off my water hyacinth ottoman.

I love this ottoman. It has such a pleasing shape -

and the interior provides plenty of useful storage for a book, jammies and a set of colored pencils. It is the ideal height for putting on socks and shoes.

But I cannot abide the ratty, clawed edges and the bits and pieces littering the floor.

I recently found this ottoman at my favorite thrift store -

It seems more elegant but taller and the rounded faux-leather top feels a bit less secure for shoe putting on.

I won’t name names but somebody seems quite comfortable on it

while seeming completely not inclined to scratch at it’s woven surface.

Now here’s my real problem. The old one is still perfectly fine (except for the covering). I mean the construction is solid. So now what do I do with it? Pitch it in the trash? Donate it? It would seem like donating trash.
Someone who sews could make a sweet cover for it. I’d like to see its shape in a nice toile.

But I’m not one to do it and I don’t have room for a second ottoman.

Would it even be worth it? It was $50 from the now defunct Linens & Things. Who would bother with re-covering it?

Someone suggested I put it on Craigslist. Maybe. I can't imagine who would want it in it's current condition.
Descended from a long line of people with furniture crowded houses, I find it hard to let go; hard to toss stuff just because I don’t need it anymore or don’t even want anymore. But to get my house where I want it to be, I’ll have to learn to let go.

So one way or another I’ll have to say good bye; even if it means covering the planet with torn up furniture just because some unnamed somebody couldn’t keep her claws to herself.


Jennifer said...

I bet someone would take it home as a project. Put it out with a "free" sign, or post a free add on Craigslist!

Jayne said...

I agree, put an ad on Craigslist. When I tore up my kitchen and front porch, that's what I did and some guy came by and took every bit of what I considered trash--pieces of 1950s polka-dot countertop, scrap wood of all sizes, a scratched-up old sink, sawed-off metal porch posts--and seemed delighted with it.

NV said...

I can so relate. We have SO much furniture, in part because the mother can’t part with any of it! Makes me insane. I’m hoping that the current redo will encourage a shedding frenzy. But I won’t hold my breath.

The others are right: I could definitely see someone taking your prized storage bench though, smoothing the frayed edges, and slapping some paint on it.

Just A Girl And Her Craftsman Bungalow said...

I'm having a garage sale next weekend so let me know if you want to join in. Or you can just drop it off and we'll put "free" on it and see if anyone takes it!

Why S? said...

Thanks everyone. Now I know that it may be more than junk.

I think I'll take up Just a Girl's garage sale offer. It'll either go or it won't and if it doesn't I guess I'll try Craigslist.

modernemama said...

One kitty (Hermes) has managed to destroy screens, drapes and the edges of my vintage sofa - he's the only cat I've considered getting faux nails for...

I've tagged you on my blog to share with the internets six uninteresting things that make you happy (but only if it makes you happy to do it!)

Annie Pazoo said...

Too funny - my cat has done the same to our woven ottomans. And since she's been declawed, she continues to do so. And still manages to cause damage (I guess the weaving is not so tight) without claws. I, too, have been thinking of sewing slipcovers and cushions to cover them up. So see if you can find a taker!