Sunday, October 19, 2008


The weather's been crazy. Not this past week but the one just before (I've been sluggish about the blogging) the temperature was in the 90's. Then on that Friday, the 10th, the temps dropped so much that, when leaving work, I wished I'd brought a jacket. That night, the Santa Ana winds came to town with unusual ferocity and the next morning we discovered this catastrophe at the house two doors down:

Uh Oh!


Ouch Again!

For quite a while prior to this, I'd noticed what looked like a giant mushroom growing at the base of this dead tree. It must have been a fungus that invaded the roots.

The homeowners have never been really good about taking care of their house, a lovely Craftsman with a number of fissures and other structural problems around their front steps and their retaining wall. They didn't take care of this tree when it was sick and now I don't know how or when they're going to get around to taking care of the broken fence.


Jayne said...

Did the tree hit their house? Even if it didn't, that's still some pretty serious damage that I bet is going to be expensive to clean up. Glad it's not your house! (Isn't that a terrible attitude?)

Just A Girl And Her Craftsman Bungalow said...

You are so lucky this didn't hit your house.. had no idea it had been so windy since I've been stuck in the office!!! ugh.

Why S? said...

I'm glad it wasn't my house too! Not a terrible attitude at all. I'm sorry it happened to them but the tree in front of my house is huge and would have done a lot more damage. The city has already cut up the tree and carted it off. Because it was technically on city property, I think it was their responsibility. But I bet the home owners take their time fixing the fence. They take their time cleaning up their yard.