Sunday, October 5, 2008

In These Tough Economic Times . . .

. . . it doesn't hurt to try a little magic (or Feng Shui).

From this
web site let me paste the part that applies: A common Feng Shui cure to improve your finances is to tie a red string or ribbon, measuring 6, 9 or 18 inches in length, around the pipe under your sink. On very rare occasions, this can cause a back-up in the sink. If this occurs, remove the string immediately. Check for any blockages in the plumbing and repair if necessary.

So, now you know. Let me know how it worked for you.


Jayne said...

Well, I'll have to try that when I get home. You never know.

feng shui said...

Thank you for the tip you have given. I will try at home.
Feng Shui

Just A Girl And Her Craftsman said...

This is so cool.
Well it couldn't hurt right?
I'll be looking for red ribbon

Muskego Jeff said...

"On very rare occasions, this can cause a back-up in the sink."

Yeah, I can see where a ribbon or string on the OUTSIDE of a drain can cause problems with the flow INSIDE the drain.

I think I just took care of my weekly quota of sarcasm in one comment!

NV said...

Hey, it's worth a try. The way things are going day by day in the world, if someone said to take a bag of dung, set it ablaze on your deck, I might have to think about it ... : -)

Why S? said...

Jeff, it says it's "very rare." It's probably "very, very rare."