Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Living Room - Part 2

The Details

In my quickie history of our living room, I forgot about the part where the floor was so uneven that no one wanted to install the hardwood floor but then someone did but then our wood was on backorder for ages and ages. For those who must know the gory details, you can read about the floor drama in this post.

But this post will be about the fun stuff. Like about that space above the front door that you may have noticed in the last post -

K thought it was a waste to not use the space above the porch. So he built in some plywood boxes under there -

and that's where we keep stuff we seldom need, like games. That's where we have Jenga and for some reason, Mousetrap.

And speakers for the CD player and radio (no iPods for us, kids) -

See this screen? We got it at a metal supply store -

here's a little close up of the cool pattern -

- a pattern that's repeated in this fence around the corner from us -

There must be a word for that pattern. I see it everywhere now.

Anyway, K spray painted the metal screen bronze, then he built this thing -

And now you know where we hide our games and our stereo speakers -

And this space -

hides our DVDs -

- that was space that opened up when the brick fireplace was removed.

And why is there a hole in the beam above the pocket doors?

for a flap that falls down?

and is held in place by a magnet latch?

What! Is that a screen for the projection TV that K bought at the Good Guys going out of business sale, even though I said we didn't need one?

Why yes! I believe that's exactly what that is! Actually, at the moment it's just a window shade. Once we test out the projection TV (which we haven't) we'll invest in a proper projection screen (maybe). I still don't think we need one. Real TV is good enough for me. But men like their movies big, even if their living rooms are small.

And what's with that wall? Are we going to finish it?

Nope. That's staying just like it is. The only part of the original 1909 construction that remains is the framework and the foundation. Let's pay them a little respect.

Actually, once the frame was exposed, the geometry of it seemed so beautiful, I thought we should leave it -

K liked the idea. He especially likes keeping the old knobs and tubes in. I like staying in touch with the original redwood. Who knows how old those trees were -

It's like an archaeological dig that leaves old pieces of bones and pottery exposed for the appreciation of contemporary viewers.

So now you know the secrets of our living room. Shhh. It's just between you and me.


brismod said...

You guys are so cool. Love your work. Love it!

modernemama said...

Awesome and ingenious - I think you should consider filling the frame with stained glass, it would be beautiful...

NV said...

What a fabulous idea those boxes are! I don't know what that screen is called either (I refer to it as confessional screen because that's what it looks like to me.) We have it in our hallway to cover the access to the attic fan as part of a cover that the mother designed and I built.

Adore how you use every nook and cranny.

Debra said...

Wow, talk about using every available space! Awesome!

Ohh, I like moderemama's suggestion about the stained glass.

Why S? said...

I never thought about the stained glass, but that's a good idea.

Re: Confessional screen - NV, you must be feeling guilty about something. But we recovering Catholics are always feeling guilty about something.

Sandy said...

Absolutely beautiful!

p.s. "and into the hole he goes" had me in the floor!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

These hidden spaces are brilliant! So useful. (And that matching pattern on the fence is bizarre!