Sunday, October 18, 2009

It Happened to Someone I Know!

Just this past week, a co-worker had to take his cat for emergency care after she got into an Asiatic lily. The kitty spent a night in the hospital, receiving a treatment of IV fluids. Fortunately, she will be fine and is now back home with her very relieved human parents.

A commentor, Dr. Farmer, provided a link to the ASPCA web site ( that includes this helpful YouTube video for an informative visual lesson on toxic plant identification:

Thanks, Dr. Farmer!

While the video is helpful, I don't think it is a thorough discussion so I would add that just because a plant was not included in the video presentation does not mean that is 100% safe for pets.

While we're on the subject, K and I have been planning to get health insurance for the Kitten. We just haven't gotten around to it yet but the ASPCA offers what seems to be a reasonable health plan:

I guess we'll do it this week.

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TriPhi Kip said...

I had insurance for Tiger through Pet Care. Can't say how they compare for kitty coverage but they were very good to deal with. Check them out...