Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vote for Paloma

Dear House on Red Hill readers - I'm asking for your vote, for your vote for Paloma.

A co-worker sent me an email with the following message and link:
A very dedicated Animal Shelter Volunteer has entered her dog in the cutest dog contest. Please vote for Paloma as many times as possible and pass on if you can.

Winnings will go to saving animals from shelters. Paloma was rescued from West Los Angeles Shelter.

Go to link below. Thanks! <>

If you open the link you'll see this picture:

Isn't she cute?

My co-worker is herself a very dedicated volunteer at the West LA Animal Shelter and our votes will mean a lot to her and to the shelter. You can vote once a day per IP address. That means you can vote once a day from home and once a day from work.

If you only have time to vote once, that's fine too.



goddessof4 said...

I definitely voted!!!! She is cute!!!! By coincidence my daughter's name is Paloma !!!! She is also a dog lover( she works at a vets office) Have a great day!!!! Sara

NV said...

OH, that's adorable! You got it, Why. I'll vote AND pass it along.

Good luck, Paloma!

Why S? said...

Thanks, ladies. Paloma and I appreciate your support.

I just voted again and it takes a while to load. Also, it seems the tally starts fresh each week. So while Paloma received plenty of votes last week, we're in a whole new voting week now with the chance for a new prize.