Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Floor Man Returns

The floors are finally done! Well, mostly. The Floor Man started on Tuesday of last week and finished on Friday. He has to return to do the the stairs. Finally, after walking around on plywood for the past eleven months, we have beautiful hardwood floors. Finally, after spending the first five years of our residence here walking on Listerine green carpet in the living room, parquet-effected vinyl in the dining room, pink and white embossed vinyl in the kitchen and Pepto-Bismol pink carpet on the backstairs, we have a unified home. Finally, exactly six years and one week after moving into the nightmare fixer-upper, it is all coming together and I can really see the end.

It started in the dining room because it has the longest stretch, from the front of the house, all the way to the end.

Side by side with the area that had been covered by adhesive for vinyl tile

The floor of the library is done!

It all went smoothly and wasn't nearly as dusty or messy as we’d anticipated. Obviously, as you can see in the line below the paneling here, the living room floor is still not level.

I just hope this doesn’t affect my Jenga game. I love Jenga. I wish Jenga were an Olympic event. If they have to, they can cut Greco-Roman wrestling to make way for Jenga. But I digress.

Ok, now onto the other project – the paneling. The house next door, our sort-of sister-house still has her original board-and-batten paneling with plate rail. It’s painted white but it’s in good shape. When K removed the crappy 60’s paneling that covered drywall that covered the original plaster, we could see the outlines of where our plate rail had been. Long, long gone.

So we’re replacing the paneling. K’s already mounted the oak panels.

They’ll be framed in by simple battens of 1x4s and 1x6s stained. The window frames need staining too. So that’s the next challenge, selecting the stain.

Here are the sample options:

We considered matching them to the mahogany pocket doors.

It turns out that we have the choice between too dark or too light, too brown and too red. Who knew Goldilocks had it so rough?

But what about the floor color? The floors are “Golden Oak.” We didn’t want the floors to be mahogany. That’s a lot of dark for a lot of small rooms. Mmm. We originally wanted to get the stain on the walls before the flooring went in - thinking that we would receive the floorboards and have a chance to compare to the stain sample before the work started. But because the delivery of the floorboards was so delayed, there was no time.

Soooo – Dark Walnut? Red Mahogany? Golden Oak to match the floors but serious contrast to the doors? Decisions. Decisions. The winner may be Dark Walnut. I think that's the one on the right in the picture above. It's a little warmer and without as much drama. I'm seldom opposed to drama but I think the browner will complement the furniture better. We do have furniture, not just the deck chairs as some might believe.

On Saturday, the Floor Man will tackleth the staircase.

I just want this all done so I can get back to Jenga.


Jennifer said...

Oooo... tough decisions! THe floor looks great... I'm no help on colors!

Jen said...

Wow the floor does look great