Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who Used to Look Like You?

I hope this is the last post unrelated to the house while I procrastinate organizing pictures of the house's progress. Too many house pictures, too much disarray, too little time to organize the house pictures.

In the meantime, here's a picture completely unrelated to the house.

It's a mug shot of Joyce DeWitt who was just arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Back in my early twenties, when Three's Company was at its height and Joyce and I were both a whole lot younger, people often told me how much I resembled her.
This was her then:

Neither she nor I look much like that now. I never thought I looked that much like her then. It surprised me the first time a stranger mentioned it. Joyce wore much more eye makeup than I did. Although, it was around that time that my sister kindly told me that I wore too much eye makeup. Mmm.

During the last four seasons of Three's Company, I used to pal around with a friend who resembled John Ritter, so I guess the two of us together was kind of funny. But we had no one who resembled Suzanne Somers to tag along.

So anyway, the Best Man called me at work today to tell me about the mug shot and to kindly remind me of what I would look like if I were to be popped for DUI. Did he remember that tonight is Margarita Wednesday at Barragans? (I obviously made it home safe and un-incarcerated.)

Why do people always look so startled in their booking photos? I think they tell you not to smile (as if you would: but I think I would try to look a little pleasant and not so wild-eyed, especially if I were a celebrity.

K had a mug shot taken once. It's a long story involving a fix-it ticket. He says he never saw the photo. I couldn't believe he didn't ask to see it, just to see if he didn't need a second take. He said he didn't ask. I bet Joyce wishes she had asked. I bet Mel Gibson and Nick Nolte and all the rest wish they has asked too. I would ask. I asked for a second take at the DMV and I often get compliments on my driver's license photo. It didn't work so much for the passport photo. It still looks bad. But not wild-eyed, at least.

Question: Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? Do you still look like that person? Or does that person still look like you?

Better question: Have you ever had a mug shot taken?


Jayne said...

Wow, she does have wild eyes in that photo. Maybe her alcohol consumption had something to do with that, and with her failure to ask for a retake. I've never had a mugshot taken, but I used to work at a jail. And, I've been told I look a little like Ellen DeGeneres. I don't see it, myself.

Why S? said...

Jayne, do you have an Ellen quirk or mannerism that reminds others of her? Sometimes, that's all it takes, as much as physical traits. Have you been pitching American Express on the side?